Miniature Rose

By Suzanne M. Horn

One of my favorite miniature roses on the market is the strikingly-beautiful Arcanum, which was bred by top Tennessee hybridizer Robbie Tucker. This robust, apricot blend miniature rose is one of the highly regarded varieties in Rosemania's "boutique of exhibition miniatures"; and since its introduction in the year 2000, has become their most popular rose. 

Although registered as an apricot blend, Arcanum grows as a creamy white mini with deep apricot, sometimes red edging, making for an eye-catching, dramatic display in the garden as well as on the show table. The rose was named "Arcanum" after the practice of alchemists in the eighteenth century of searching for the secret of turning base metal into gold, "The Arcanum". Since Rosemania specializes in producing a limited number of select roses for exhibitors, Robbie Tucker felt that he had discovered the secret to winning gold certificates on the rose show table with this exceptional miniature rose. And thus the name was born. 

Arcanum was certainly the secret weapon I was waiting for when I entered it into the Ventura County Rose Society Show in September of 2001. It was the beginning of my second year exhibiting, and I had only been growing Arcanum for about six months. But this little rose gets up to speed very quickly, and it was up to the task that day. Arcanum gave me my most exciting day in exhibiting by winning my very first Miniature Queen, and its first Queen in the nation! Since that day, Arcanum has adorned the trophy tables from coast to coast, and has rapidly risen into the coveted "Top 20" list in the ranking of miniature roses. 

Arcanum's growth habit is very vigorous and grows up to about 36" tall. This miniature rose boasts dark green, extremely glossy foliage that a regular spray program will keep looking rich and beautiful. It is a prolific bloomer and makes large, impressive sprays as well as outstanding one bloom per stem entries. The bloom is what I fondly call "full figured", and it often borders on miniflora size. But then as my Mom used to say, it's just "all the more to love." Arcanum thrives in warm or hot weather, presenting showstopping displays. It sometimes gets a bit vegetative in the early spring when it is cold and damp, but it always rebounds the next bloom cycle with beautiful blooms. When this rose is good, it is absolutely great!

To summarize, Arcanum is a truly outstanding miniature rose, which is currently available  from Rosemania. A big winner on the show table all over the country, it is a trophy hunter's dream and is surely the legendary formula for winning gold. It is also a beautiful and vigorous miniature for the landscape or home garden. I wouldn't be without it!  




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Photos © Copyright by Kitty Belendez

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