Bronze Honor Medal Winners
By Kitty Belendez

The Bronze Honor Medal Award is the highest honor that a local rose society can bestow upon one of its members. The following members of the Santa Clarita Valley Rose Society have been awarded the Bronze Medal.

1995 Steve Jones
1996 Kathy DeRoo
1997 Bob & Kitty Belendez
1999 Ingrid Gonzalez
2000 Charles & Susan Maness
2001 Candy LaChance
2002 Karen T.S. Gubert
2003 Mike Scott
2007 Elissa Siefert
2015 Jan Parsoneault
2021 Robert B. Martin, Jr.
2021 Teresa Mathers


1. Each Society, Chapter or Affiliate, in good standing with the American Rose Society, may annually award the American Rose Society Bronze Medal for Outstanding and Meritorious service at the Local Society level. 

2. The recipient must be a full or associate member of the American Rose Society and an active member of the local society for no less than three years. Local Society membership must be verified by the Local Society.

3. If the selective recipient passes away prior to the medal being presented, the medal may be awarded posthumously to the deceased recipient's spouse or a member of his/her immediate family.

4. The current President of the Local Society is not eligible for this award. Furthermore, this award must not be offered as a prize in any rose competition, or for any one project.

5. The Executive Committee or Board of the Local Society will nominate the candidates. The members of the Executive Committee or Board will vote by secret ballot. The President will tally the votes. A majority vote will be required for awarding the medal. The result must be kept confidential by all members involved.

6. No award is required in any year.

7. Each Society can only award the Bronze Medal for Outstanding Service once to a member.

8. This is a Local Society award and must be administered and controlled by the Local Executive Committee or Local Board. This award will not require involvement from the District, Regional or ARS Board.

9. The Medal used for this Award shall be the standard American Rose Society Bronze Medal for Outstanding Service and may be procured from the ARS Executive Director. The cost of the Medal shall be borne by the Society making the award.

10. The Bronze Medal for Outstanding Service may be awarded jointly to husband/wife teams if, in the opinion of the Local Executive Committee or Board, they are deserving of the award and meet the requirements. In such case, two medals would be appropriate for presentation. 

Adopted by ARS Board of Directors, Spring 1993, Revised 1994. 


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