Hybrid Tea Rose, Pink Blend, Zary, 2000
Parentage: Anne Morrow Lindbergh x New Year

By Kitty Belendez

About Gemini:
The Gemini hybrid tea rose was bred in the United States by Dr. Keith W. Zary, and introduced in the United States by Bear Creek Gardens, Inc. In just three short years since its 2000 introduction, Gemini has zoomed to 5th place on the list of top exhibition hybrid teas for Southern California. In 2010 it is the number one exhibition rose. This pink blend hybrid tea won the All-America Award Selections (AARS) for the year 2000. The 5-inch blooms have mild fragrance and 25 to 30 petals, with dark green, glossy foliage that is very disease resistant. The long stems grow on a bush that is from 4 to 6 feet tall. There is good repeat bloom throughout the year. Winter protection will be required where temperatures fall below freezing.

In preparation for writing this article, I decided to get some background on the naming of the hybrid tea rose 'Gemini' from hybridizer Keith Zary. I was fortunate to be able to participate in the following exchange of communication with him.

My e-mail to Dr. Zary:

Greetings Dr. Zary,
I'm doing a story for the web page of the Pacific Southwest District of the American Rose Society. We have a "Rose of the Month" and would like to feature your 'Gemini'. I am wondering how this rose got named. Is there any special significance to it receiving the name 'Gemini'. For example, were you or any of your family members born under the Gemini astrological sign? Or do you have twins in the family? Perhaps there were only two viable seeds in the fortuitous cross? Just reaching here. :-) Maybe it is just a clever name for marketing purposes, but we would like to have some insight from you. Also, do you have any other thoughts or quote about your developing 'Gemini' that you would like for us to use? I do know that 'Gemini' was a 2000 AARS winner. Many thanks for your help. Best regards, Kitty Belendez

Reply from Dr. Zary:
Kitty, thank you for the e-mail. I wish I had a great story for you, but Gemini was named by a committee in Medford, Oregon. The name was one of several proposed. The "twin" (two) colors of coral and cream are about the only tie in. I actually have very little say in the naming process. I contribute some names but it is a marketing group that does the final pick. Gemini is out of what has proved to be a very good female, 'Anne Morrow Lindbergh', for our breeding program.  It is also the mother of 'Diana, Princess of Wales'. The most interesting thing for me is that 'Gemini' was a great rose from the first flower when the original plant was just 4" tall. Normally I cannot remember a variety in the seedling bench. We have several hundred thousand seedlings each year and you can't remember them. Gemini was different. It clearly showed great potential and this proved consistent throughout its life. Wish I could be more help Kitty. Hope you have a great year. -- Keith  

Gemini  n 1: a zodiacal constellation in the northern hemisphere between Taurus and Cancer on the ecliptic [syn: Gemini] 2: the third sign of the zodiac; the sun is in this sign from May 21 to June 20 [syn: Gemini, Gemini the Twins]  

Excerpted from Astrology web sites on the Internet:
Gemini is the sign of communication and learning. Gemini people have a passion to communicate whenever they can and as often as possible. Gemini's usually love learning a little about everything whenever they can. Their never-ending curiosity leads them to strange and unusual places. Known for their playfulness, a Gemini is usually the kind of person that enjoys entertaining others and having fun. Most Gemini's think with the mind (logic and analytical mind) and not with their emotions or feelings. Gemini's usually like to investigate anything they can. They are also very adventurous but usually more out of curiosity and not necessarily the adventure part. Gemini's always love intellectual challenges. Gemini's enjoy variety, having a variety of different friends, lifestyles and situations in their lives to keep their mind busy. Most Gemini's are very quick-witted and speedy people. They like doing things quickly because they tend to get bored easily. If a Gemini doesn't get things done quickly, they'll just move on and do something else. 



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Updated June 11, 2023

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