Rose Recommendations for 
Santa Clarita, California
and Most Areas of Southern California
Those Roses That Bloom Well and Have Little Disease

By Kitty Belendez

Most roses grow well in Los Angeles County, Southern California, and Santa Clarita even though it can get cold in winter (30's) and very hot in summer (100-plus degrees). We have less of a problem with diseases such as rust, mildew and blackspot here than coastal areas because we are drier. Although tastes change and new and better roses come along all the time, this is a current list of our best recommended roses, ones that grow and bloom well and have little disease:

HYBRID TEA ROSES <--click for more info
Andrea Stelzer - Medium pink blooms, long stems.
Black Magic - Very dark red, velvety blooms.
Gemini - Orange and white blend. Very disease resistant.
Mister Lincoln - Very fragrant, red blooms.
St. Patrick - Medium yellow with green tint blooms. Loves heat.
Secret - Pink and white blooms, very fragrant.
Veterans' Honor - Deep velvety red blooms.

MINIATURE ROSES <--click for more info
Bee's Knees - Yellow blended with pink.
Behold - Clear yellow blooms.
Child's Play - Pink and white blend.
Erin Alonso - Yellow sport of Bee's Knees.
Fairhope - Very pale yellow, almost white.
Jilly Jewel - Pink blend blooms.
Kristin - Red and white blend blooms, clusters.
Miss Flippins - Velvety red blooms.
Rainbow's End - Red and yellow blooms.
Scentsational - Very fragrant, mauve blooms.
Sweet Chariot - Mauve blooms, very fragrant.

SHRUBS/ENGLISH ROSES <-- click for more info
Abraham Darby - Apricot blend.
Evelyn - Pale apricot, very fragrant. Large bush.
Fair Bianca - Clear white, licorice fragrance.
Golden Celebration - Dark golden blooms, fragrant.
Molineux - Medium yellow blend, many petals, fragrant.
Perdita - Palest apricot clusters of blooms.
Radio Times - Medium pink, many petals, fragrant.
The Squire - Dark red, fragrant blooms.

FLORIBUNDA ROSES <-- click for more info
Fabulous! - Pure white, large clusters. May need staking.
Hannah Gordon - Red and white blend, few petals. 
Iceberg - White clusters. Great for landscape.
Lavaglut - Deep red clusters of blooms.
Our Lady of Guadalupe - Medium pink, clusters.
Playboy - Vibrant orange and yellow blend, 5 petals.
Playgirl - Large clusters of hot pink blooms of 5 petals (single).
Purple Tiger - Short bush, purple and white striped blooms.
Sexy Rexy - Ruffly shell pink clusters of blooms.
Showbiz - Red blooms, small bush.
Trumpeter - Vivid, orange-red blooms. Short bush.

CLIMBING ROSES <-- click for more info
Altissimo - Red, 5 petals.
Berries 'n' Cream - Pink and white stripes.
Fourth of July - Red and white stripes.
Night Owl - Clusters of purple blooms with a white eye.

OLD GARDEN ROSES <-- click for more info
Anna de Diesbach - Very fragrant, many petals.
Baronne Prevost - Medium pink, huge bush.
Rose de Rescht - Purple-red blooms, small plant. Repeats well.
Yolande d'Aragon - Medium pink, huge bush.

POLYANTHA ROSES <-- click for more info
Lullaby - Small, white clusters of blooms.
Verdun - Medium red (dark pink) clusters of blooms.
White Pet - Lovely pinkish white clusters.
Wing Ding - Big clusters of red blooms, longlasting. 

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Floribunda Rose 'Playboy'
Hybrid Tea Rose 'Gemini'
Old Garden Rose 'Yolande d'Aragon'
Shrub Rose  'Golden Celebration'
Miniature Rose 'Behold'
Updated October 26, 2015

Miniature Rose 'Bee's Knees'
Climbing Rose 'Fourth of July'
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