Our Rose Show
November 6, 2010 -- Prize-Winning Roses
All Photos by Kitty Belendez
This is a sampling of the prize-winning roses shown at the Santa Clarita 2010 Rose Show. There were 25 teams of exhibitors who displayed the roses from their own gardens, who made 473 entries representing 828 rose specimens at the show. We had 36 volunteers who helped to produce the show.
Updated January 8, 2016

Best of Show: A collection of 12 'Black Magic' hybrid tea roses, Shown by Bob & Kitty Belendez, of Santa Clarita, CA
End of the Trail 
'Fabulous!', 'Golden Holstein', 'Hot Cocoa'
Shown by Bob & Kitty Belendez
Floribunda Queen
'Modern Magic'
Shown by Lynn Snetsinger
Polyantha Spray
'Clotilde Soupert
Shown by Karen T.S. Gubert
Novice Floribunda
Shown by Richard Copra
Large English Box
'Guy de Maupassant'
Shown by Candy LaChance
Single Form Miniature Bloom
'Grace Seward'
Shown by Suzanne Horn
Victorian Award
'Mystic Beauty'
Shown by Bob & Kitty Belendez
Large Artist's Palette
'Gemini', 'Hollywood Star',  'St Patrick',  'Moonstone', Veterans' Honor'
Shown by Bob & Kitty Belendez
Open Hybrid Tea Bloom
'Marilyn Monroe'
Shown by Teresa Modnick
Three Polyantha Sprays
Shown by Jim Delahanty
Three Shrub Blooms
Shown by Jan Parsoneault
Miniature Traditional Arrangement, Less than 3"
'Silver Tips', BRONZE
Shown by Steve Jones
Queen of Hybrid Teas 'Hot Princess' (center), King of Hybrid Teas 'Red Intuition' (right), Princess of Hybrid Teas 'Gemini' (left)
Shown by Bob & Kitty Belendez, of Santa Clarita, CA
Novice Hybrid Tea
'Summer Dream'
Shown by Mary Flynn
North side of our trophy table with the winning roses and beautiful crystal trophies purchased and layed out by our awesome trophy committee  Karen T.S. Gubert and Ingrid Gonzalez.
Another view of the beautiful show room at Hart Hall on November 6, 2010 with hundreds of spectacular rose specimens.
Modern Shrub Spray
'Gartendirektor Otto Linne'
Shown by Tom & Miriam Cooney
Dowager Queen
Shown by Kathleen Strong
Hybrid Tea Spray
Shown by Jeff Stage
Miniature Open Bloom
'Arizona Sunset'
Shown by Evelyn Reed & Paul Jackson
Classic Shrub
Shown by Cliff Orent
Big & Little Look-Alikes (Hi-Lo)
'Charlie Brown', 'Crimson Flame'
Shown by Kathleen Strong
Three Floribunda Blooms
'City of San Francisco'
Shown by Candy LaChance
Miniflora Queen
'Show Stopper'
Shown by Bob & Kitty Belendez
Miniature Queen
'Miss Flippins'
Shown by Suzanne Horn
Most Fragrant Rose
'Munstead Wood'
Shown by Suzanne Horn
Three Floribunda Sprays
Shown by Lynn Snetsinger
Three Old Garden roses
'Francis Dubreuil'
Shown by Bob & Kitty Belendez
Best Shrub Bloom
'Abraham Darby'
Shown by Bob & Kitty Belendez
Miniature Oriental Arrangement
'Jean Kenneally' / GOLD
Shown by David Miller
Best Judges Entry
'Fourth of July'
Shown by Diana & Walt Kilmer
South side of the trophy table with award-winning roses.
Miniflora English Box
'Show Stopper'
Shown by Bob & Kitty Belendez
One Floribunda Bloom
Shown by Bob & Kitty Belendez
Three Hybrid Tea Blooms
Shown by Bob & Kitty Belendez
Six Hybrid Tea Blooms
'Black Magic'
Shown by Lynn Snetsinger-Merchant
One Miniature Spray
'Gourmet Popcorn'
Shown by Candy LaChance
Three Miniflora Blooms
'Dr. John Dickman
Shown by Candy LaChance
Six Miniflora Blooms
'Butter Cream'
Shown by Candy LaChance
Floribunda King Spray
Shown by Suzanne Horn
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