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Kitty Belendez, Editor
1992 to Present

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2016  Silver
2015  Bronze
2014  Bronze
2013  Silver
2012  Honorable
2011  No Award
2010  Silver
2009  Bronze
2008  Honorable
2007  GOLD
2006  Bronze
2005  Bronze
2004  Honorable
2003  Not Eligible
2002  GOLD
2001  Bronze
2000  Silver
1999  Not Eligible
1998  GOLD
1997  Silver
1996  Silver
1995  Silver
1994  Bronze
1993  Honorable
1992  First Year of Publication, Not Eligible for Award 

2016 Awards of Merit
“Heat Wave Champions” by Kitty Belendez
“Arranging the Table” by Steve Jones
“Sleuthing Roses by Rootstock” by Steve Jones
“Turning Trash Into Treasure” by Steve Jones

2015 Awards of Merit
"A Peek Inside My Grooming Kit" by Kitty Belendez
"History of US Rose Hybridizers" by Steve Jones
"Indian Rose Breeders" by Steve Jones
"Too Soft the Sofa" by Darrell g.h. Schramm
"My Rose Sentinels" by Darrell g.h. Schramm
"Chilli Thrips, A New Pest Found in Southern California" by Baldo Villegas

2014 Awards of Merit
​"Rose Rings to Conserve Water & Nutrients" by Kitty Belendez (10/14)
"Gophers 101" by Steve Jones
"Gophers 102" by Steve Jones
"Drip for Drought" by Steve Jones (10/14)

2013 Awards of Merit
"From Whimp  to Goliath: Fortuniana as a Rootstock" by Kitty Belendez
"Roots First, Blooms Later" by Kitty Belendez
"Trash or Trophy Winner" by Kitty Belendez
"Downsizing the Upsized Rose Garden" by Kitty Belendez
"Placing & Clerking at a Glance" by Kitty Belendez
"IPM and Organic Strategy for the Rose Exhibitor" by Kitty Belendez
"When Yellow Wasn't Yellow Enough" by Darrell g.h. Schramm
"Dark Thoughts: An Old Moss Rose, Nuits de Young"
"Three Madames and a Satyr" by Darrell g.h. Schramm
"Whatever Happened To ..." by Darrell g.h. Schramm

2011 Awards of Merit
"Purple Roses Can Grow in the Desert" by Kitty Belendez

2010 Awards of Merit
"More Bang for the Buck with Miniature Sprays" by Kitty Belendez
"Our Ultimate Technique for Budding Roses" by Kitty Belendez
"Addicted to Floribundas" by Kitty Belendez
"Tag! You Are It!" by Steve Jones
"Polyanthas, Are Old New Again?" by Steve Jones
"This Old Rose:  Native American Roses -- Not!" by Steve Jones

2009 Awards of Merit
"The Good, The Bad, and The Totally Awesome" by Kitty Belendez & Steve Jones
"The Shapely Miss Rose" by Lynn Snetsinger

2008 Awards of Merit
"Getting Queens to the Table" by Kitty Belendez
"Floribundas Are the Best" by Steve Jones
"The Good, the Bad, and The Totally Awesome" by Kitty Belendez & Steve Jones
"Santa Clarita Valley Rose Society Auction Catalog" by Kitty Belendez

2007 Awards of Merit
"Exhibitor's Rose Care Calendar" by Kitty Belendez
"The Beginner's Column" (Series) by Kitty Belendez
"Magic Elixirs" by Kitty Belendez
"How Much Space Do Roses Need?" by Kitty Belendez
"The Good, The Bad, And the Totally Awesome" by Kitty Belendez & Steve Jones
"First, Lost and Careless Love, A Rose Memoir" by John Birsner
"Rose Freaks" by Steve Jones
"Galls & Cankers" by Steve Jones
"Plant Growth Inhibitors" by Steve Jones
"Portlands & Early Hybrid Perpetuals" by Steve Jones

2006 Awards of Merit
"Rose Rustling in California Gold Country" by John Birsner
"Extend the Life of Cut Roses" by Kitty Belendez
"The Good, the Bad, and the Totally Awesome" by Kitty Belendez & Steve Jones
"Powdery Mildew" by Steve Jones
'Mini-Flora Review" by Steve Jones
"Micro-Minis: by Steve Jones
"Rose Gardens: A Different Perspective" by Steve Jones
"This Old Rose: Hybrid Gigantea" by Steve Jones

2005 Awards of Merit
"Experimenting with Rootstocks" by Kitty Belendez
"Improved Techniques for Rooting Cuttings" by Kitty Belendez
"A Very Strange Spring" by Kitty Belendez
"Thorns & Prickles, & Spines, Oh My!" by Steve Jones
"Be Careful When You Judge" by Steve Jones
"The Great Pretenders" by Steve Jones
"Roses are Too Smart" by Steve Jones
"The Best Colors in My Yard" by Steve Jones
"Fading Roses" by Steve Jones

2004 Awards of Merit
"This Old Rose" (Series) by Steve Jones
"How to Exhibit Old Garden Roses" by Steve Jones
"The Florist Trade" by Steve Jones
"Should Mini-Floras Compete in the Same Class as Miniatures?" by Kitty Belendez
"Mistakes I've Made in Gardening" by Steve Jones

2003 Awards of Merit
"Growing Roses in Santa Clarita Valley" (booklet) by Kitty Belendez & Steve Jones
"How to Grow Roses from Seed" by Kitty Belendez
"Sophisticated Singles" by Kitty Belendez
"A Rose Cooler for our Mini Van" by Kitty Belendez
"The Submersible Pump" by Kitty Belendez
"CR Q & A" (A Series) by Kitty Belendez
"The Right Amount of Water" by Kitty Belendez
"Not Just a Bunch of Manure" by Steve Jones
"What Do You Do When Exposed to Chemicals" by Steve Jones
"My First Rose Garden" by Steve Jones
"Rosemaling: The Art of Norwegian Flower Painting" by Steve Jones
"Sport Kings" by Steve Jones
"This Old Rose" (A Series) by Steve Jones

2002 ARS Awards of Merit
"Hybrid Teas: The Queen of Modern Roses" by Kitty Belendez
"Magic Elixirs" by Kitty Belendez
"Raising Minis to New Heights" by Kitty Belendez
"Rootstocks for Propagating Roses" by Steve Jones
"Roses in Paintings" by Steve Jones
"This Old Rose - Series" by Steve Jones
"Tea Roses and the Landscape" by Steve Jones
"Types of Roses" by Steve Jones
"The Rosary:  Using Roses in Religion and Prayer" by Steve Jones
"Winning With Shrubs" by Kitty Belendez

2001 ARS Awards of Merit
"Rose Myths" by Steve Jones

2000 ARS Awards of Merit
"A Cool and Classy Skirt for a Well-Dressed Rose" by Kitty Belendez
"American Rose Artists" by Steve Jones
"Top American Rosarians" by Steve Jones

1999 ARS Awards of Merit
"How to Have Beautiful Roses for Trophy Table or Kitchen Table" by Kitty Belendez
"Single Petalled Roses" by Steve Jones
"Once Bloomers" by Steve Jones
"Noted Canadian Rosarians" by Steve Jones

1998 ARS Awards of Merit
"The Envelope, Please: A New Way of Budding Roses," by Kitty Belendez (1/98)
"Maximize Your Minis" by Kitty Belendez (10/98)
"Soil Critters, Bringing the Earth to Life" by Steve Jones
"Major and Minor Nutrients (Series)" by Steve Jones
"The Fragrant Garden" by Steve Jones

1997 ARS Awards of Merit
"Yikes! It's Scale Insects" by Kitty Belendez
"Beefing Up The Floribunda Collection" by Kitty Belendez
"Roses That Climb" by Steve Jones
"Are We Being Shrubbed Out?" by Steve Jones

1996 ARS Awards of Merit
"Rejuvenate Your Potted Roses" by Kitty Belendez
"True Confessions of a Rose Nut" by Kitty Belendez
"An OGR (Old Garden Rose) Primer" by Steve Jones
"Roses with Leah's Eyes" by Jim Donovan
"The Road to Organic Correctness" by Kathy DeRoo

1995 ARS Awards of Merit
"Rose Trees and Hanging Baskets" by Kitty Belendez
"Caveat Emptor, Let the Buyer Beware" by Steve Jones
"Toxicology" by Steve Jones
"The Fine Art of Breeding Roses" by Kathy DeRoo

1994 ARS Awards of Merit
"That Wonderful Rose Named Peace" by Kitty Belendez
"Learning to Love Singles" by Kitty Belendez
"Dr. J. Horace McFarland" by Steve Jones
"Shake 'n' Bake - Quick California Compost" by Lynn Bennett
"More About Fragrance in Roses" by Kim Rupert

1993 ARS Awards of Merit
"Propagating Roses, Parts 1, 2, and 3" by Kitty Belendez
"The Pros and Cons of Container-Grown Roses" by Kitty Belendez
"The Glorious Roses of Joe Winchel" by Kathy DeRoo

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